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Pangea author, Oonah Joslin, wins Poetry Contest

oonah_and_esmeCongratulations to Oonah Joslin whose poem, Understanding Graphite, won the Postcard Spring Poetry Contest. Oonah’s short story, Missy’s Summer, is published in the Pangea anthology, available for sale here.



Oonah Joslin – author interview

Tara Conklin interviews Oonah Joslin over at her blog:

Don’t wait for inspiration. Get into a secure writer’s forum and write and get feedback from other people and give feedback too. You can only succeed if you develop your skills. If you write, you’re a writer. If you don’t, you’re not. Simple.

Pangea blog tour in Northumberland, UK

Oonah Joslin interviews Tara Conklin at her blog, Parallel Oonahverse. Next up, Tara interviews Oonah!

Over the years, I just kept writing – it was sort of my guilty secret, all of these half-finished stories and little scribblings in the back of journals. It wasn’t until I hit my 30’s and became a mother that I tried to get more serious with writing – which meant, for me, editing and re-working and revising and revising some more. I’ve always had a lot of ideas. Everything inspires me. It’s rare to get through the day without jotting some story idea down.

A week of interviews about Pangea over at EDF Chronicles

Every Day Fiction Chronicles, aka EDF Chronicles, has kicked off a week of interviews with authors from Pangea who write flash fiction. Today’s interviewees are Vanessa Gebbie, and Oonah Joslin, who talk about the inspiration behind their stories. The full interview is here.

“I often use images as prompts for stories—they can be very inspirational if you just let rip—you never quite know what is going to happen.” Vanessa Gebbie

“I had three sisters who died as babies years before I was born—May, June and Eleanor Kyle. I became aware of them as I grew up. And I suppose this story is in a way for them and for my mother who had so many of us and yet never once forgot those three…” Oonah Joslin


Authors: John Bolland, Indira Chandrasekhar, Andy Charman, Tara Conklin, Emmanuella Dekonor, Mary Farquharson, Vanessa Gebbie, Sarah Hilary, Liesl Jobson, Oonah Joslin, Trilby Kent, Juli Klass, Sarah Leipciger, Clayton Lister, Rebecca Lloyd, Katie Mayes, Shola Olowu-Asante, Tom Remer Williams, Caroline Robinson, Lisa Marie Trump, Stephen Tyson, Jennifer Walmsley, Dee Weaver, Joel Willans, Fehmida Zakeer.

Editors: Indira Chandrasekhar and Rebecca Lloyd.

News from our Authors

Tara Conklin’s debut novel ‘The House Girl’ will be published by William Morrow in the US and Harper Collins in Canada in April 2013.

Vanessa Gebbie’s debut novel, ‘The Coward’s Tale’ was published by Bloomsbury in the UK in 2011, and in the US in 2012.

Mary Farquharson is producing and editing a book and CD of Frederico Garcia Lorca’s poems in the voice of Chevela Vargas, (the Edith Piaf of Latin America).

Sarah Hilary’s short story ‘The Mauve Throw’ received an honourable mention in the Tom Gallon Trust Award 2011 and is available as an ebook from Shortfire Press.

Trilby Kent’s novels ‘Smoke Portrait’ and ‘Stones for my Father’, were published in the UK in 2012.

Joel Willians’s short story collection, ‘Five Reasons for Leaving’, will be published by Route Publishing in the UK and Finland in September 2012.