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Rebecca Lloyd’s Mercy is shortlisted in the World Fantasy Awards

Congratulations to wonderful Pangea editor, Rebecca Lloyd whose collection, Mercy is shortlisted in the World Fantasy award. Her publisher Tartarus Press put up the collection for the award. The results will be announced in November this year.

Mercy has received tremendous praise. In his Neon review, Christopher Frost says: … the sixteen strange tales all tied together by the presence of the uncanny and the unsettling…. Again and again throughout the collection we are invited into the small (or sometimes not so small), private living spaces of her characters, and shown the states of loneliness or squalor or beauty in which they live.

MR Cosby has said: These are wonderfully written tales, dealing with life, love, relationships and the loss thereof in a thoroughly believable way, and with a depth not present in many works of short fiction.

If you don’t yet have a copy, you can purchase Mercy online at Amazon, or directly from Tartarus Press. It can also be found at Waterstones and other high street bookshops.

More about Rebecca on her website or at Goodreads. She can be followed on Facebook, and on Twitter.



A message from Becca about Beanstalk

Hello Pangea Authors,

It was ages ago that we talked about what to do with our Pangea royalties and people came up with some good and interesting suggestions on what charity to give the money to. Since then, I’ve looked at various charities of one sort or another to do with writing and found a lot of them quite difficult to engage with, and in addition, I was looking for a charity which might have given Pangea a bit of a plug on their FB or website and I never saw anything that looked easy to approach and simple to deal with.

However, by chance a woman and a ten year old boy from a school in Battersea in London wrote to me to tell me how much they loved my novel Halfling, how it made them cry, and they were asking when I was going to write ‘the next one.’ The woman was a volunteer with a charity called Beanstalk. So, I can’t hold onto our royalty money any longer, and I’d like to give it to Beanstalk as it’s exactly the kind of charity I’d be a volunteer in myself, and might well do if there is a branch of it in Bristol. It’s a charity that has become international and it does operate in multi-cultural settings, so in the context of Pangea, it seems wonderfully fortuitous that it should’ve come my way via the business of writing without me hunting it down. The way I found them accidentally through one of their volunteers might be of interest to them, and we might get a plug on their website for Pangea. If any of you have any objections, could you let me know by email, otherwise I’ll just go ahead…


New publishing deal for Pangea co-editor, Rebecca Lloyd

REBECCA-LLOYD-photo-by-Rosie-Tomlinson-150x150 Pangea co-editor, Rebecca Lloyd, has just signed a contract with WiDo Publishing for a collection of her short stories. The working title is Now You Can Live. See the link below for more details. A collection of Rebecca’s darker works will be published later in the year with a different publisher.

When Rebecca Lloyd’s collection of short stories came to the attention of WiDo’s submission editor Allie Maldonado, she was at first doubtful. “A short story collection is a first for us. But I decided to take a look because in today’s book publishing market, anything goes if it’s good enough to attract an audience.” And these stories were certainly that. Allie continues, “I could not stop reading. First one then the next, and I’d tell myself, just one more story, just one more. Each one is exquisite.”

Pangea author, Fehmida Zakeer, in READ Singapore

Congratulations to Pangea author, Fehmida Zakeer whose story, ‘Pot of Water’ (workshopped in Rebecca LLoyd’s short story group) has been chosen by the National Library Board of Singapore for the 2013 edition of their annual READ Singapore anthology, Under One Sky.

Read more here.

Pangea author, Sarah Hilary, in Ilanot Review

Sarah Hilary’s short story, Forty-eight faces, is published in the new edition of the Ilanot Review:

This face, I dunno, it’s kinda like Mr. Ed’s. I remember back in sixth grade, my pal Benny saying they put nylon thread in Ed’s mouth, to keep his lips moving. I didn’t believe him. They wouldn’t do that to a horse, not even for TV.

Pangea author, Oonah Joslin, wins Poetry Contest

oonah_and_esmeCongratulations to Oonah Joslin whose poem, Understanding Graphite, won the Postcard Spring Poetry Contest. Oonah’s short story, Missy’s Summer, is published in the Pangea anthology, available for sale here.


Pangea author publishes new short story collection

LogoCongratulations to Liesl Jobson on the publication of her latest collection, Ride the Tortoise. Liesl’s story, Boston Brown Bread, was published in Pangea in 2o12.

She writes with panache and hypnotic honesty about topics as diverse as anorexia, cleaning the oven, the terror of losing a child, exile, infidelity and desire. Few writers are as assured in traversing the terrain of loss and fear. Yet there is quirky humour and sly surprise in these stories told from the perspectives of the policewoman, art teacher, athlete, bassoonist, lover and mother. Treat yourself: these dark chocolate and bitter orange stories are erotic, edgy and wise.