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New publishing deal for Pangea co-editor, Rebecca Lloyd

REBECCA-LLOYD-photo-by-Rosie-Tomlinson-150x150 Pangea co-editor, Rebecca Lloyd, has just signed a contract with WiDo Publishing for a collection of her short stories. The working title is Now You Can Live. See the link below for more details. A collection of Rebecca’s darker works will be published later in the year with a different publisher.

When Rebecca Lloyd’s collection of short stories came to the attention of WiDo’s submission editor Allie Maldonado, she was at first doubtful. “A short story collection is a first for us. But I decided to take a look because in today’s book publishing market, anything goes if it’s good enough to attract an audience.” And these stories were certainly that. Allie continues, “I could not stop reading. First one then the next, and I’d tell myself, just one more story, just one more. Each one is exquisite.”