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Pangea author publishes new short story collection

LogoCongratulations to Liesl Jobson on the publication of her latest collection, Ride the Tortoise. Liesl’s story, Boston Brown Bread, was published in Pangea in 2o12.

She writes with panache and hypnotic honesty about topics as diverse as anorexia, cleaning the oven, the terror of losing a child, exile, infidelity and desire. Few writers are as assured in traversing the terrain of loss and fear. Yet there is quirky humour and sly surprise in these stories told from the perspectives of the policewoman, art teacher, athlete, bassoonist, lover and mother. Treat yourself: these dark chocolate and bitter orange stories are erotic, edgy and wise.


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  Liesl Jobson (@LieslJobson) wrote @

Thanks for the toot. “Soda Lakes”, another story, took shape under Indira and Rebecca’s editorial eye and was first published in Pangea too. Gratitude in spades to both of them.

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