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Pangea review on Bookmunch

Our first full-length review, and it’s a good one. Valerie O’Riordan, winner of the Bristol Short Story Prize, headlines Pangea as a ‘strong and diverse collection’, over at Bookmunch:

There’s two unifying strands at play in this short story anthology: one, the all-around-the-world motif (Pangea, natch), with writers from various countries involved, and, two, the fact that all the contributors are members of the online writers’ group, Writewords. The second predates the former, obviously enough – the editors, members themselves, compiled the book by winnowing through the works of their writing colleagues to find a representative sample, which happened to be pretty international. So you (I) would be excused, perhaps, if you suspected a degree of back-slapping and showcasing in the compilation. It’s neither the result of an open call for submissions (like many of Comma Press’ anthologies) nor a relatively disinterested ‘best of’ selection à la Nicholas Royle’s Best British Short Stories series. But, thankfully, neither is it an unnecessarily self-congratulatory showcase. Rather, it’s a strong and diverse collection that makes me wonder what other spectacular works are being honed under the Writewords hood.


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