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Pangea blog tour reaches New Zealand

Pangea author, Clayton Lister, is interviewed by Michelle Elvy over at her great Glow Worm blog:

I’d thought it was a solitary pursuit, this writing lark. It is, of course, but needs to be only to a point much closer to the start of the process than I had ever imagined. I imagined editorial advice was the preserve of editors — if you made it through their slush pile. But, as it’s turned out, how much more rewarding the advice from a bunch of peers? You don’t have to accept all the criticism offered, of course — you probably would wind up being really rubbish if you did; but having a choice of crits to act on — or, if you’re lucky, a consensus — that’s more than helpful. I’d say, actually, that’s quite a privilege — earned sure enough — because you do have to put in what you want to take out. But a privilege just the same.


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