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Pangea cover art

Pangea’s editors, Indira Chandrasekhar and Rebecca Lloyd, explain how the artwork came together for the Pangea book jacket.

The cover art for Pangea was especially commissioned for the anthology from artist and fashion designer, Steven Brunner. Below are extracts from the emails from Indira to Steven (Indira lives in Mumbai, Steven in New York) when she was trying to give him a visual and philosophical sense of Pangea:

Pangea is what land on earth was called before it split into the different parts that then moved around to form today’s continents.

Pangea is the time before the land broke up, when the continents hugged each other, when all land was in the centre, all water around it.

Our authors come from all over the world … we want to show that even though the stories reflect all kinds of different cultures, in essence the things that concern us, love, jealousy, fear, grief, happiness, are the same. Our world, ultimately, is PANGEA!

I think of Pangea as one culture holds many cultures. A sort of hold-everything place. A place where all things blossom.

Why we liked the name Pangea was because we thought that all of us authors, from all over the world, have the same roots. We come from the same place, even when we write about so many different places.

When Steven sent the image, Rebecca and Indira wondered how they would set it in the book jacket, where the title would go, where the editor names, whether they needed to work with the Thames River Press designers. Indira went back to Steven and his partner Dan Baum at They created the amazing book jacket with its coherence of design and style that you see in the image above (click on the image for a larger version). The design is now with Thames River Press for incorporating the final details.


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